On the different gunas

Q: Are Prakriti, Nature and the gunas quite different things? If so, why do we see them always mixed? Prakriti and Nature are the same thing […]

Energy during Sadhana

Q: Are there times in Sadhana when one finds the energy flagging?  That is due to Tamas. The question is not of Tamas coming up. Even […]

Transformation of Tamas to Sama

The tamas is part of the general physical Nature and so long as that is not fully changed and illumined, something of it remains; but one […]

Transforming Tamas into Sama

It [tamas] has to be transformed into ´sama, the peace and rest of the higher Prakriti, and then filled with tapas and jyotih.. But this can […]
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

The true obstacle to being confident

Above all, to be confident. The big difficulty in Matter is that the material consciousness (that is to say, the mind in Matter) has been formed under […]