Sri Aurobindo

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram


If discipline of all the members of our being by purification and concentration may be described as the right arm of the body of Yoga, renunciation […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Childish Abhiman

It is very silly and childish to have abhimāna; for it means that you expect everyone including the Mother and myself to act always according to […]

Darshan Day Message: 24 April 2024

4 April 1920 - The Mother's Final arrival day in Pondicherry The Mother first visits Pondicherry in 1914. She returns for permanent stay in 1920.

Soul’s Revelation: Unveiling the Divine Potential

Nothing can be taught to the mind which is not already concealed as potential knowledge in the unfolding soul of the creature. So also all perfection […]

The four great instruments of Yoga-Siddhi

Yoga-Siddhi, the perfection that comes from the practice of Yoga, can be best attained by the combined working of four great instruments. There is, first, the […]

Cosmic Consciousness

Man is shut up at present in his surface individual consciousness and knows the world (or rather the surface of it) only through his outward mind […]
Guest house where The Mother and Sri Aurobindo met for the first time

Consciousness of Sri Aurobindo

Here, in Pondicherry, you cannot breathe without breathing my consciousness. It saturates the atmosphere almost materially, in the subtle physical, and extends to the Lake, ten […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The Divine Mother’s Power: Bringing down Truth, Light, and Life Divine

The supramental change is a thing decreed and inevitable in the evolution of the earth-consciousness; for its upward ascent is not ended and mind is not […]

Characteristics of the four aspects of the Mother

Maheshwari lays down the large lines of the world-forces, Mahakali drives their energy and impetus, Mahalakshmi discovers their rhythms and measures, but Mahasaraswati presides over their […]