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Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo on Him being silent

I suppose I am silent, first, because I have no “free-will” and, secondly, because I have no Time. Less metaphysically and more Yogically, there are periods […]

Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo on the battle of His life

But what strange ideas again – that I was born with a supramental temperament and had never any brain or mind or any acquaintance with human […]

Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo on His name

His Name “Aurobindo” But look at the irony of human decisions and human hopes. My father who wanted all his sons to be great men—and succeeded […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Removing Disquiet

Q: I thank you for a perfect night of rest and repose. I felt your presence throughout the night. Was it merely by your presence that […]

Realising the Divine Consciousness

Q: What will happen if one realizes the divine consciousness? First thing, you will become calm, quiet; secondly, there will be the feeling of strength, I […]

On petty quarrels

Q: X told me that Y has been insulting him often. But why does he allow himself to be insulted so badly that he has to […]

Importance of writing to the Divine

Q: You and the Mother know what is going on in us, how and what we are aspiring for, how our nature is reacting to your […]

Stabilising the power

Q: I don’t feel any devotion at all. I think you know how much I suffer and how helpless I am to do anything. Have pity […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Will Mother Accept ?

Q: If a Sadhak even after a long time cannot fully open himself to the Mother owing to obstacles in his nature, does it mean that […]