Essays on the Gita


Sri Aurobindo on The Gita

In the Gita there is very little that is merely local or temporal and its spirit is so large, profound and universal that even this little […]

Narayana and the uttamam rahasyam

Narayana is the divine Soul always present in our humanity, the secret guide, friend and helper of the human being, the “Lord who abides within the […]

The rising of Man

Man, therefore, has first of all to become ethical, sukr.t¯ı, and then to rise to heights beyond any mere ethical rule of living, to the light, […]
Letters on Yoga

Receptivity of the disciple

To such a disciple (Arjuna) the Teacher of the Gita gives his divine teaching. He seizes him at a moment of his psychological development by egoistic […]
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The liberated man

The liberated man has no personal hopes; he does not seize on things as his personal possessions; he receives what the divine Will brings in, covets […]

Oneness with God

Oneness with God, oneness with all beings, the realisation of the eternal divine unity everywhere and the drawing onwards of men towards that oneness are the […]

Mahavaakya of the Gita

What the great, the supreme word of the Gita is, its mah¯av¯akya, we have not to seek; for the Gita itself declares it in its last utterance, the […]
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Approaching Sannyaasa

Sannyaasa is the renunciation of life and action and of the threefold modes of Nature, but it has to be approached through one or other of the three […]
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Getting rid of desire

The first movement must be obviously to get rid of desire which is the whole root of the evil and suffering; and in order to get […]