Sri Aurobindo in his room

My light shall be in Thee

My light shall be in thee, my strength thy force. Let not the impatient Titan drive thy heart, Ask not the imperfect fruit, the partial prize. […]

I am Durga…

I am Durga, goddess of the proud and strong, And Lakshmi, queen of the fair and fortunate; I wear the face of Kali when I kill, […]

Fate shall be changed by an unchanging will

A seed shall be sown in Death’s tremendous hour, A branch of heaven transplant to human soil; Nature shall overleap her mortal step; Fate shall be […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The divine force

A divine force shall flow through tissue and cell And take the charge of breath and speech and act And all the thoughts shall be a […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Matter and spirit as one

Into being’s gap scooped out as empty Space In which she had filled the place of absent God, There poured a wide intimate and blissful Dawn; […]
Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Nature – a conscious front of God

There was no sob of suffering anywhere; Experience ran from point to point of joy: Bliss was the pure undying truth of things. All Nature was […]

Fate shall be changed by an unchanging will

She shall bear Wisdom in her voiceless bosom, Strength shall be with her like a conqueror’s sword And from her eyes the Eternal’s bliss shall gaze. […]
Sri Aurobindo

Growing of Men into spiritual beings

A heavenlier passion shall upheave men’s lives, Their mind shall share in the ineffable gleam, Their heart shall feel the ecstasy and the fire. Earth’s bodies […]
Sri Aurobindo

Making mankind one with God

Overcoming invisible hedge and masked defence And the loneliness that separates soul from soul, She wished to make all one immense embrace That she might house […]