Bande Mataram


The Influx of Occidentalism in India

… even for those of us who have a strong affection for oriental things and believe that there is in them a great deal that is […]

LIberty : when it is disastrous

Nations can very well do without it; provided they have a good government which keeps the people happy and contented and allows them to develop their economic activities and […]
Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Foreign invasion – road to unity among the discordant

Foreign rule cannot build up a nation,—only the resistance to foreign rule can weld the discordant elements of a people into an indivisible unity. When a […]

The nation’s fate

When the intellect is stirred and feelings become sincere and acute, parties arise, each passionate for its opinions, eager to carry them out, full of enthusiasm for an […]

Abolish servility of attitude

There could not be a greater evidence of the dull servility of attitude, the fear of truth and the unworthy timidity which has become ingrained in […]


In a country where subjection has long become a habit of the public mind, there will always be a tendency to shrink from the realities of […]
Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo in his own room


I think self-love is a pleasant word for vanity. Self-love means that one loves oneself more than anything else; and what he implies by this, you see, are […]