Letters on Yoga – I

Sri Aurobindo

The process of Rebirth

The soul takes birth each time, and each time a mind, life and body are formed out of the materials of universal nature according to the […]
Sri Aurobindo

Permanence of spiritual experiences

As to permanence, you cannot expect permanence of the initial spiritual experiences from the beginning—only a few have that and even for them the high intensity […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Mental Convention

Men’s way of doing things is a mental convention; they see things and do things with the mind and what they want is a mental and […]

The Subconscient and Environmental Consciousness

They [the environmental consciousness and the subconscient] are two quite different things. What is stored in the subconscient —impressions, memories, rise up from there into the […]

Spiritual and Psychic Consciousness

Q: What is the difference between the spiritual and psychic consciousness?   A: The Spirit is the consciousness above mind, the Atman or Self, which is […]

The inevitable descent of the Supramental

If the supramental descent is decreed, nothing can prevent it; but all things are worked out here through a play of forces, and an unfavourable atmosphere […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

The need of Faith

The vital’s eagerness and its vairagya are shadows of this faith, forms which it has taken in order to keep the vital from giving up in […]

The energies that act in the being

It is not possible to give a name to all the energies that act in the being. They are put into several classes. First are the […]


The difference between intuition and thought is very much like that between seeing a thing and badgering one’s brains to find out what the thing can possibly be […]