Energy during Sadhana

Q: Are there times in Sadhana when one finds the energy flagging?

 That is due to Tamas. The question is not of Tamas coming up. Even if Tamas came, why should the energy be absent?

Q: There are times when one can’t put forth energy as one used to do.

 That may be temporary.

Q: Did you find in your case a steady increase of energy with the practice of Yoga?

No, not steady. I was more energetic when I was working in politics than I had been before; when I took up Yoga I was more energetic than I had been in politics.

Q: There are times when one cannot do work that is expected of one.

 Of course, one can’t do what others demand of one. The question is whether you have the energy, never mind in what way it is put forth. For instance, in that house just before I began the Arya there was a period of six months in which there was a continual spiritual experience and I could not do any writing at that time. But that does not mean I was less energetic.

– Sri Aurobindo