The Will and Energy

Q: What is the will? The energy which dictates the action or prevents a wrong action is the Will. Q: By energy is meant the life-force. […]

Drawing vital energy from the universe

Q: Is it possible for man to draw the vital energy from animals? My grandfather used to say that he got vital energy from the horse […]

Energy and Consciousness during work

Q: During work, how is the consciousness to be kept within when the energy goes out? Are consciousness and energy really the same thing? If consciousness […]

Energy during Sadhana

Q: Are there times in Sadhana when one finds the energy flagging?  That is due to Tamas. The question is not of Tamas coming up. Even […]
The Mother with Tara Jauhar

Be vigilant about energy suckers

It is also said that some people are like vampires, and when they come near a person they spontaneously suck up his vitality and energy, and […]

Using the Divine energy to heal and transform

Human beings don’t know how to keep energy. When something happens – an accident or an illness, for example – and they ask for help, a […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Wasting Energy

Human beings do not know how to preserve energy. When something happens, an accident or an illness, they ask for help and a double or triple […]

Attitude towards Time

The ideal attitude of the sadhaka towards Time is to have an endless patience as if he had all eternity for his fulfilment and yet to […]

Unnecessary talking

That [feeling of fatigue after talking] happens very usually. Talking of an unnecessary character tires the inner being because the talk comes from the outer nature […]