Sri Aurobindo's Mahasamadhi

Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo’s palm

When Sri Aurobindo was to sign and autograph books sitting on his bed, we used to place a table in front of him. Today, however, there […]
Sri Aurobindo

Know Thy Master – An experience on Sri Aurobindo’s 90th Birth Anniversary

A beautiful gift by Sri Aurobindo on His 90th birth anniversary … we had a meditation here on the 15th, at ten o’clock. At quarter to […]
Letters on Yoga

Know Thy Master – Writing Savitri

After dinner, Sri Aurobindo used to sit in his chair in the ‘long passage’ outside his room (this chair is now kept along the wall) and […]
Sri Aurobindo

Know Thy Master – Champaklal on Sri Aurobindo’s simplicity

This was in the days Sri Aurobindo had his dinner around midnight. After finishing the correspondence work in the salon Sri Aurobindo would go for his […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Know Thy Master – Little known facts on Sri Aurobindo

You would be interested to know that after Sri Aurobindo moved into Meditation House, he was himself recording the reading of the electricity meter which was […]

Know Thy Master – Champaklal on one of Sri Aurobindo’s habits

VASE OF ROSES …when Sri Aurobindo and Mother lived in Library House, Sri Aurobindo used to remove (with Chinese chopsticks) the bones from the fish that […]

Know Thy Master – Champaklal on his connection with Sri Aurobindo

It is impossible to write anything about my experience on 5 December 1950 [the day Sri Aurobindo left his body], when, holding me in his intimate […]

Know Thy Master – Champaklalji on his first impression on Sri Aurobindo

You once asked me what were my impressions when I first met Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Well, it is difficult to describe them. But I […]

Know Thy Master – On Sri Aurobindo’s pacing

Sri Aurobindo used to pace for hours together. This he did in each of the houses he lived in. I remember clearly when we first came […]