The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in her room

Reading in Sadhana

Q: One has to do some physical work as part of the Karma Yoga, also some personal work. Where is the time then to read for […]

Transformation of nature and struggles in Sadhana

Q: Can’t one do something for a smooth transformation of one’s external nature with no serious revolts, attacks or falls? Yes, but it is not easy. […]

On the ideal conditions for Sadhana

Q: What makes good conditions for sadhana? Aspiration, untiring will, steady calm and detachment, make the best conditions. Q: Today I could control for a while […]

Food intake in Sadhana

Q: My capacity of taking food is being reduced more and more. Is it an accompaniment of the inertia? You must not let that movement go […]
Sri Aurobindo

On external and internal activities

Q: When the Supermind comes down will it have an expression in external life? What will be the form which such external activity will take? What […]

Energy during Sadhana

Q: Are there times in Sadhana when one finds the energy flagging?  That is due to Tamas. The question is not of Tamas coming up. Even […]
Sri Aurobindo

Role of experience and intellect in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga

Q: Is not all action incompatible with Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga? His idea that all action is incompatible with this Yoga is not correct. Generally, it is […]
Sri Aurobindo

The function of the intellect in Sadhana

Q: What is the proper function of the intellect? Is it helpful in Sadhana? Its function is to reason from the perceptions of the mind and […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

You must change

Your illness was not a mere accident. You did not give sufficient attention to the inner change, a psychological change with a broadening of your consciousness. […]