Sri Aurobindo

The Mother

Helplessness and the Will

Q: The difficulty of managing the mechanical mind is part of the human constitution. But I find it more active and burdensome in me than in […]

Standing up against opposing forces

Q: I lack the requisite energy to stand up against the opposite forces. Where does my difficulty lie? In the indolence of the will which does […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Will, Desire and Aspiration

Q: Is it not true that the will becomes or changes into desire when it comes down into the lower nature? It usually does so in […]

The Will and Energy

Q: What is the will? The energy which dictates the action or prevents a wrong action is the Will. Q: By energy is meant the life-force. […]
Sri Aurobindo

Surrendering to the Divine – expectations

Q: When one learns to leave things to the Divine, isn ‘t He bound to answer all our real needs? The Divine is not bound to […]

On the psychic being

Q: What is the difference between the psychic being and the spiritual being? The spiritual being is God himself. The psychic being is the inner being […]

On Sleep

Q: Is six hours of sleep at night enough? Seven would be better at your age. Six is the minimum, at any time except in old […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Position during meditation

Q: My body feels the effects of the heat. These days I was tired. Also, I did my meditation lying down. Is there any objection to […]

On strengthening the nerves and quietening the mind

Q: My nerves are sensitive. Kindly tell me how to strengthen them, and also how to quieten my mind. Solid nerves means patience, vigilance, endurance, capacity […]