Hostile forces – Divine Power

Disciple: Even the forces and their attacks are, perhaps, like the working of the left hand of God; it helps the yogi to rise higher. With […]

Living the truth

..one can say that all is divine or that nothing is divine. Everything depends upon the angle from which one looks at the problem. Likewise, it […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Matter and spirit as one

Into being’s gap scooped out as empty Space In which she had filled the place of absent God, There poured a wide intimate and blissful Dawn; […]

Man is potentially a God

Man is potentially a god. He believed himself an actual god. He needed to learn that he was nothing better than a poor little worm crawling […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

What is Religion?

One may know, love and serve God as the Master, Lover, Friend, Mother; or as the Higher Self; or as Humanity; or as the Self in […]

Who is God?

God is not a Being who creates & governs the universe, but the universe itself & all besides that is Timeless & Spaceless. God is also […]

Gods – Formless yet have forms

As to the Gods, man can build forms which they will accept; but these forms too are inspired into man’s mind from the planes to which […]

Values of Good and Evil

God is beyond good and evil; man moving Godwards must become of one nature with him. He must transcend good and evil. God is beyond good […]


In the deep there is a greater deep, in the heights a greater height. Sooner shall man arrive at the borders of infinity than at the […]