The Mother’s Agenda


The advent of the Truth’s Light

Those who wish to help the Light of Truth to prevail over the forces of darkness and falsehood, can do so by carefully observing the initiating […]

Bring Peace into your body

“It doesn’t matter, don’t worry if you are preoccupied with your body: simply try to take ADVANTAGE of this – advantage of this preoccupation – to […]

Receiving answers from The Mother

People should learn to receive: I answer very forcefully, very clearly, even with words, a precise sentence. If they learned to receive mentally, it would be […]

Aspiration – not just in the body

..what you call “aspiration” is a movement of your psychic consciousness, mentally formulated and supported by the vital – but it ISN’T YOUR BODY. And it’s […]

Living the truth can say that all is divine or that nothing is divine. Everything depends upon the angle from which one looks at the problem. Likewise, it […]

Using the Divine energy to heal and transform

Human beings don’t know how to keep energy. When something happens – an accident or an illness, for example – and they ask for help, a […]

The body and supramental manifestation

One of the very first results of the supramental manifestation was to give the body a freedom and an autonomy it has never before known. And […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The Divine is everywhere

1) The Divine alone is true — all the rest is falsehood. 2) The Divine alone is real—all the rest is illusion. 3) The Divine alone […]