Difficulties and Tapasya

Do not be discouraged because of difficulties – Whenever one wants to achieve something in life, difficulties come – Take them as discipline (Tapasya ) to make you strong and […]

Purpose of Difficulties in Life

Do not be discouraged because of difficulties – Whenever one wants to achieve something in life, difficulties come – – Take them as discipline (Tapasya ) […]

Disobedience and indiscipline

This lower part of the being (Disobedience and indiscipline) is always random, wayward, self-assertive and unwilling to accept the imposition on it of any order and […]
Sri Aurobindo

Vital Transformation

This yoga can only be done to the end by those who are in total earnest about it and ready to abolish their little human ego […]


The silence is the silence of the inner consciousness and it is in that silence unmoved by outward things that the true activity of the consciousness can come […]
Sri Aurobindo in his own room

Cutting down sleep

Q: Can I not command my body to cut down its sleep to two or three hours only? I have heard that many Yogis are able […]

Take refuge in the Divine’s love

There is only one way of getting free from life altogether, it is to go to Nirvana; and this can be obtained only by a very strict tapasya of […]

Basis of Yoga – Peace, Quiet, Clarity and self possession

It is not possible to make a fixed rule covering all cases and circumstances; sometimes one has to remain quiet waiting for the Mother’s light and force to […]