Awaken the psychic being

It is no use trying to decide the things of the Spirit by the power and in the light of the intellect. The intellect can only […]
Sri Aurobindo in his own room

Faithfulness to the Light

When I spoke of being faithful to the light of the soul and the divine Call, I was not referring to anything in the past or […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Recognise Another Person’s Soul

Sweet Mother, with the human mind is it possible to recognise another person’s soul?   Things are not so clear-cut and separate as they are in […]
Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The Process of Rebirth

The soul takes birth each time, and each time a mind, life and body are formed out of the materials of universal nature according to the […]

Fundamental Steps

The first and perhaps the most important point is that the mind is incapable of judging spiritual things. All those who have written on this subject […]

Contradictory Impressions of the mind

These contradictory impressions are quite natural. The material consciousness naturally rejoices when circumstances combine to satisfy what it considers to be its need; in any case, […]

The role of the soul

The soul is that which comes from the Divine without ever leaving Him, and returns to the Divine without ceasing to be manifest. The soul is […]

The Soulhood

The culmination of Karmayoga is a yet higher and deeper state that may perhaps be called “soulhood”,—for the soul is greater than the man; a free […]

The Love of the Soul

Why do you need something remarkable? The love of the soul is the true thing, simple and absolute – the rest is good only if it […]