Mahasamadhi Day


Sri Aurobindo Maha Samadhi Day – 5 December 2021

17 Nov 2021

The Mother’s Mahasamadhi – Darshan Card 17 November 2021


The Mother’s Mahasamadhi – Darshan Card 17 November 2020

It is useless to talk of consciousness, knowledge, equality of soul, universality, infinity, eternity, supreme truth, the divine presence and…of all sorts of things like that, […]

Darshan Card – 5th December 2019 (Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi Day)

Darshan Card Message – 5 December 2019 The one object to which the mind of spiritual knowledge must be turned is the Eternal by fixity in […]

Darshan day Message (17 November 2019)

Keep faith in your spiritual destiny, draw back from error and open more the psychic being to the direct guidance of the Mother’s light and power. […]

Know Thy Master – Champaklal on his connection with Sri Aurobindo

It is impossible to write anything about my experience on 5 December 1950 [the day Sri Aurobindo left his body], when, holding me in his intimate […]
Darshan Card 17 Nov 2017

Darshan Card Message 17 November 2017

The Mother left her physical body on 17th November in 1973. The Card distributed in the Ashram on 17th November this year, contains a beautiful message […]