Darshan Cards


24 November 2021 – Siddhi Day Message

17 Nov 2021

The Mother’s Mahasamadhi – Darshan Card 17 November 2021


Darshan Card Message on Sri Aurobindo’s birth anniversary – 15th August 2021

…if we learn to live within, we infallibly awaken to this presence within us which is our more real self, a presence profound, calm, joyous and […]
Darshan Card 24 April 2021 (1/3)

Darshan Card – 24 APRIL 2021 (The Mother’s final arrival in Pondicherry)


Darshan Card 21 February 2021

On Darshan days, Sri Aurobindo Ashram distributes message cards called Darshan cards containing passages from Sri Aurobindo’s or The Mother’s works to all who attend the […]

Darshan Card Message: Bonne Annee – 1st January 2021


Sri Aurobindo’s Mahasamadhi Day Darshan Card – 5 December 2020

Sri Aurobindo left His body on 5th December 1950. The Darshan Day Message for 5th December 2020 is from Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem Savitri. “A mutual […]

Darshan Day Message – 24 November 2020

Siddhi day or the Day of Victory Sri Aurobindo experiences the descent of Krishna Consciousness. He explains, “The descent of Krishna would mean the descent of […]

The Mother’s Mahasamadhi – Darshan Card 17 November 2020

It is useless to talk of consciousness, knowledge, equality of soul, universality, infinity, eternity, supreme truth, the divine presence and…of all sorts of things like that, […]