The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Faith and Love

Q: Is it not true that those who have faith in the Mother have also love for her? Do not faith and love go together? A: […]
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Past Connection with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

People make all sorts of effort to have God’s darshan; some even weep and weep, yet they fail to obtain it. We in the Asram don’t […]


Q: ..only that is true Bhakti which has no motive in it and only an offering acquired in a pure or virtuous way is a real […]

Integral Yoga

The realisation of the Supreme, the Ishwara, is certainly the essential thing; but to approach Him with love and devotion and bhakti, to serve Him with […]

The Gita’s Yoga

The ordinary life consists in work for personal aim and satisfaction of desire under some mental or moral control, touched sometimes by a mental ideal. The […]
Sri Aurobindo

The contribution of the psychic being

The contribution of the psychic being to the sadhana is: Love and bhakti, a love not vital, demanding and egoistic but unconditioned and without claims, self-existent; […]

Bhakti through self expression

Literature and art are or can be first introductions to the inner being – the inner mind and vital; for it is from there that they […]

On Suicide

Suicide solves nothing – it only brings one back to life with the same difficulties to be faced in worse conditions. If one wishes to escape […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

What is Bhakti?

Bhakti is not an experience, it is a state of the heart and soul. It is a state which comes when the psychic being is awake […]