Letters on Himself and The Ashram


Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo on Him being silent

I suppose I am silent, first, because I have no “free-will” and, secondly, because I have no Time. Less metaphysically and more Yogically, there are periods […]

Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo on the battle of His life

But what strange ideas again – that I was born with a supramental temperament and had never any brain or mind or any acquaintance with human […]
Sri Aurobindo

Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo on Astrology

Astrologers tell all sorts of things that don’t come true. According to one I was to have died last year, according to another I was to […]

Descent of the Spiritual Peace

..the spiritual peace is something other and infinitely more than the mental peace and its results are different, not merely clear thinking or some control or […]

On the struggles of life

Good God! my whole life has been a struggle with hard realities, from hardship and semi-starvation in England through the fierce difficulties and perils of revolutionary […]

Integral Yoga

The realisation of the Supreme, the Ishwara, is certainly the essential thing; but to approach Him with love and devotion and bhakti, to serve Him with […]
Sri Aurobindo

Our Goal of Supramental Realisation

Our object is the supramental realisation and we have to do whatever is necessary for that or towards that under the conditions of each stage. At […]

The Divine as the Source

The relation of Guru and disciple is only one of many relations which one can have with the Divine, and in this Yoga which aims at […]
Sri Aurobindo

The descent of silence

The descent of the Silence is not usually associated with sadness, though it does bring a feeling of calm detachment, unconcern and wide emptiness, but in this emptiness […]