adverse forces

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Suggestions of Adverse Forces

I hope you have been able to recover or have begun to recover from the mass of suggestions that fell upon you with regard to the […]
Sri Aurobindo

The Prevention of Illness

Attacks of illness are attacks of the lower nature or of adverse forces taking advantage of some weakness, opening or response in the nature,—like all other […]
The Mother with Nolini Da

Best way to get rid of all adverse forces

The best way to get rid of all adverse forces and their suggestions, is to repeat constantly the Divine’s Name while eating, sleeping and in whatever […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry

Protection from the attack of adverse forces

In your letter of yesterday which I received this morning you write something which will help to explain what I mean by “cutting the thinking connection .” When you feel such things and the fear comes […]

Basis of Yoga – Peace, Quiet, Clarity and self possession

It is not possible to make a fixed rule covering all cases and circumstances; sometimes one has to remain quiet waiting for the Mother’s light and force to […]

Attacks from Adverse forces

Attacks from adverse forces are inevitable: you have to take them as tests on your way and go courageously through the ordeal. The struggle may be […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The power of the supramental force

It was said in the old traditions that one could not live more than twenty days in that higher state without leaving one’s body and returning […]

Minimising attacks of adverse forces

When you feel such things and the fear comes in , even in your sleep – instead of thinking, (which certainly you must do) ” here […]
Auroville Foundation Ceremony

Waking up a will to conquer

Wake up in yourself a will to conquer. Not a mere will in the mind but a will in the very cells of your body. Without that […]