Protection from the attack of adverse forces

In your letter of yesterday which I received this morning you write something which will help to explain what I mean b“cutting the thinking connection .”

When you feel such things and the fear comes in, even in your sleep – instead of thinking, (which certainly you must dohere again are these people throwing their bad will and their falsehood upon me” or something similar), you must not thinkand immediately call the Lord or me or both and pray, here again I am attacked help me, protect me, let your love and power be like a shield around me to prevent these adverse forces from touching me .”

And you go on praying and repeating your call, thinking of nothing else until the the attack is over – This is the surest, the safest and the quickest way.

And if at any other time you can succeed in thinking only of the things that do not disturb you, you can also little by little minimise the attacks and make your life more peaceful.

Ref: White Roses