Best way to get rid of all adverse forces

The best way to get rid of all adverse forces and their suggestions, is to repeat constantly the Divine’s Name while eating, sleeping and in whatever you do: “I want the Divine and nothing else.” When you fall sick, or something wrong happens you should pray to the Divine to remove all obstacles which are on the way to prevent you from reaching the goal. If the call is sincere enough, at once all obstacles will disappear. If you form a habit to pray constantly, the prayers become sincere because the Divine is always in the depth of everybody’s heart and always He hears all sincere prayers and sees everything. But if you go over to the devil’s side, then the Divine keeps silent and does nothing. Nevertheless, He watches everything and every moment. So you must not go to the devil’s side instead of that, constant prayer and remembrance of the Divine are advisable.

When the whole being turns to the Divine’s Light and influence and leaves everything to Him without reserve, that is called the true surrender and sincerity.

You should pray intensely to the Lord: “O Lord, kindly work in my legs, in my hands — in my whole consciousness; if I walk, walk in me, if I eat, eat in me — whatever I do, be always with me…“ Thus you are constantly protected by the Lord and His Grace.

The heart is the best place for concentration. Go deep within your heart and, while concentrating on the Lord, you must think: “The Lord is controlling the whole universe, he is Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, for Him is my love…


Ref: Mother You Said So