On Thoughts and how to handle them

Q: Is it true that no one has his own thoughts? Either they come from the lower nature — from people — or from the higher mind?

All comes from Nature of which people are a part — but they are called ours because they receive a particular form, arrangement or combination in our own minds. All thoughts that are passing into one’s mind do not stay there. Some pass away invisibly, leaving no trace but others stay there and work.

Q: Do they not stay because of the response of some part of the being? If nothing responds to them, how can they stay there any longer?

It is not a conscious response. It is only when the thoughts rise to the surface, that the conscious mind is aware of them and accepts them — but it accepts them with the idea that they are its own thoughts.

Q: In which condition can one be conscious of one’s thoughts and desires before they enter?

When one has got out of one’s limited physical personality and the consciousness is spread outside.

Q: To keep the thoughts out of the system, is it not preferable that one should become indifferent to them and aspire to the Mother?

You can do it in that way — provided the thought does not get hold of you through your inattention.

Sri Aurobindo