The Mother with Letters on The Mother

Mahakali and Maheshwari forms of The Mother

Mahakali can work only when there is a calm inner being and a resolute will facing without disturbance all the difficulties.When there is not that, then it is […]

On Thoughts and how to handle them

Q: Is it true that no one has his own thoughts? Either they come from the lower nature — from people — or from the higher […]
Sri Aurobindo

Right activity of the Buddhi

Q: What would be the right activity of the Buddhi when it opens or surrenders itself to the Mother? The right activity of the buddhi is […]

Faith in the Mother

Whatever difficulties there may still be in the outer nature, they will not make any difference to the fact that you are now awake within, the […]

Give me your love, Mother

Q: Give me Your love, Mother. A: I give it to you constantly, but you must not always lose it by continually repeating the same mistakes. […]

Living inwardly to realise Her will

All these outer things are of minor importance and it is only when the inner life is well established that the difficulties with which they are […]

Abolishing Ego

All human beings are full of ego. If you want to change, you must be very quiet and always aspire for a higher consciousness to come […]

Curiosity about lower vital forces

You cannot escape from these lower vital forces by being curious about them. This kind of curiosity only encourages and invites them and keeps them recurring. […]

Some practical solutions in dealing with children

1. It is better not to lock the children up in the classroom, even to play. 2. A moment of silence and concentration is always good […]