The higher planes

Q: It is true that when one crosses the border of mind and lives above the head, the word “difficulty” exists no more for him. For […]

Receiving Knowledge

Q: Often during a good receptivity, my consciousness feels clearly a free flow of what the Mother gives me. And yet I am so ignorant of […]

Genuine experiences from the Mother

Q: What is exactly meant by “genuine experiences received directly from the Mother?” Could a sadhak here receive experiences indirectly or independently of the Mother? Directly […]

The Will as an element of higher action

Q: This morning also the habitual depression tried to enter. But the Mother saved the situation by pulling my consciousness above and using my will-force on […]
The Mother with Letters on The Mother

Mahakali and Maheshwari forms of The Mother

Mahakali can work only when there is a calm inner being and a resolute will facing without disturbance all the difficulties.When there is not that, then it is […]

On Thoughts and how to handle them

Q: Is it true that no one has his own thoughts? Either they come from the lower nature — from people — or from the higher […]
Sri Aurobindo

Right activity of the Buddhi

Q: What would be the right activity of the Buddhi when it opens or surrenders itself to the Mother? The right activity of the buddhi is […]

Faith in the Mother

Whatever difficulties there may still be in the outer nature, they will not make any difference to the fact that you are now awake within, the […]

Give me your love, Mother

Q: Give me Your love, Mother. A: I give it to you constantly, but you must not always lose it by continually repeating the same mistakes. […]