On handling thoughts and sensations

Q: I succeed for a few minutes in keeping myself attentive, empty of thought — but then the sensations return with a new strength. I do […]

On thoughts and actions

Q: How to distinguish the thoughts and actions of the mind, vital and physical? Are not the vital’s thoughts and actions derived from desire or ego? […]

On Thoughts and how to handle them

Q: Is it true that no one has his own thoughts? Either they come from the lower nature — from people — or from the higher […]

The nature of thoughts, desires and impulses

Q: May I know the nature of thoughts, desires and impulses? How and why do they come into men? This is a thing one feels: one […]

Detachment from the mind

The mind can become quiet only when you detach yourself from it and see the thoughts as things that pass. Then you don’t think yourself but […]

A double mind for Inner Quietitude

To get rid of the random thoughts of the surface physical mind is not easy. It is sometimes done by a sudden miracle as in my […]

Reject negative movements

Be careful to reject always movements (like vexation, discontent etc.) that bring back confusion or depression. One cannot always help these movements coming, but one can reject them when […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

What one thinks, one becomes

Sri Aurobindo says that all that one thinks one is, one can, by the very fact of that thinking, become. This knowledge of the fact that […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Quieten the mind

To quiet the mind in such a way that no thoughts will come is not easy and usually takes time. The most necessary thing is to […]