On Mental Control

Q: For the last three days I have been noticing this difference. A lack of strength or power in my consciousness to react against the movements of the ordinary nature. What is the matter with me?

It is, I suppose, because the mental control has fallen silent and the new control has not come as yet.

Q: In the absence of the mental control which, as you say, has fallen silent, how am I to carry out my actions?

It is the will of the Purusha that ought to meet the action — will is a silent force put upon the thing to be changed.

Q: Why did my consciousness relax the mental control?

Because you thought you must leave everything to the Mother and not interfere.

Q: Did not the Mother like me to do it?

It may be necessary at a certain stage, but it stops the mental control.

Q: Could you kindly enlighten me a little more about the mental control? Was it really necessary to lose it?

It is perfectly clear. You were using a mental control. When the silence came, the mind stopped its action, so the mental control ceased. It has to be replaced by a spiritual control, the silent Purusha will.

It was probably inevitable owing to the nature of the movements towards passivity, emptiness and silence.

– Sri Aurobindo