A new puissance is needed …

All that has been conceived and realised so far is mediocre, banal, insufficient beside what ought to be. The perfections of the past no longer have any force now. A new puissance is needed to transform the new powers and to subject them to Thy divine will. “Ask and this shall be”, is Thy constant answer. And now, O Lord, Thou must create in this being a constant aspiration, uninterrupted, intense, passionate, in an immutable serenity. Silence, peace are there: there must also be the persistence of the intensity. Oh, Thy heart sings a halleluiah of gladness as if what Thou willest were on the way to its fulfilment…. Destroy all these elements, that from their ashes may emerge new elements adapted to the new manifestation.

Oh, the immensity of Thy luminous Peace!
Oh, the omnipotence of Thy sovereign Love!

And beyond all that we can imagine, the ineffable splendour of what we feel to be coming. Give us the Thought, give us the Word, give us the Force.

Enter the arena of the world, O new-born Unknown One!

Ref : Prayers and Meditations