Different types of love

The essential difference between love in aspiration and love in desire is that love in aspiration gives itself entirely and asks nothing in return—it does not […]

Give me your love, Mother

Q: Give me Your love, Mother. A: I give it to you constantly, but you must not always lose it by continually repeating the same mistakes. […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

A new puissance is needed …

All that has been conceived and realised so far is mediocre, banal, insufficient beside what ought to be. The perfections of the past no longer have […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Magic effect of Love

To a lesser degree, and above all, in a less durable way, there are other contented people in the world whose contentment is due to the […]

The Mother’s force is there with you

Hold fast and aspire always for the love and the opening. The inner heart is there and that will receive an answer to the aspiration and […]

Consciousness of the Divine Presence

Our presence, force, peace, love are always with you. That is a thing you must realise and learn to keep the consciousness of it. If you […]
The Mother with Children

The power of Love

Do not shut your heart to the sweetness of love – That alone can wipe off all sorrows and replace them by a constant and peaceful […]

Integral Yoga

The realisation of the Supreme, the Ishwara, is certainly the essential thing; but to approach Him with love and devotion and bhakti, to serve Him with […]
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Love of Parents

Sweet Mother, what kind of love do parents have for their children?   What kind? A human love, don’t they? Like all human loves: frightfully mixed, […]