Behaviour of Others

I see no reason therefore why you should care so much if anybody is not behaving well with you. I have told you already that people in the Ashram—it is true even of those who have inner experiences and some opening—are not yet free in their outer selves from ego and wrong ideas and wrong movements. It is no use getting distressed or depressed by that. What you must do is to be turned only to the Mother and relying on her go forward quietly with your work and Sadhana until the time when the Sadhaks are sufficiently awakened and changed to feel the need of greater harmony and union with each other. Let only your spiritual change and progress matter for you and for that trust wholly in the Mother’s force and her grace which is with you—do not let things or people disturb you,—for compared with the truth within and the journey to the full Light of the Mother’s Consciousness these things have no importance.


Ref : The Mother with Letters on The Mother