Why do some make noise?

In silence they (those who make noise) have to face their own difficulties, they are in front of themselves, and usually they don’t like that. In the noise they forget everything, they become stupefied. So they are happy.

Constantly man rushes into external action in order not to have time to observe himself and how he lives. For him this is expressed by the desire to escape from boredom. Indeed, for some people it is much more tiresome to remain quiet—seated, or to be still. So for them it represents an escape from boredom: to make a lot of noise, to commit many stupidities, and become terribly restless; it is their way of escaping boredom. And when they sit quietly and look at themselves, they are bored. Perhaps because they are boring. That’s very likely. The more boring one is, the more one is bored. Very interesting people usually are not bored.

Ref: Questions and Answers 1955