Silencing thoughts

Q: But you must have been making effort before (on realisation) Not for this result. Lele asked me to silence the mind and throw away the […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Silence and emptiness

Q: Isn’t the silence associated with some sort of emptiness? It depends on what you mean by emptiness. There is an emptiness which is full of […]

Peace and Silence

Q: What is the difference between peace and silence?  Is peace included in silence, or vice versa? If you have the silence, then there is naturally […]

Training the mind

Q: How is one to get intuition? By calmness of mind? Calmness is not enough. The mind must become silent. Q: Then it will take a […]

On deceitful ideas and suggestions

Q: Is it because there is something in our nature or in the surrounding atmosphere that doubts come and the results are not as before? For […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The Physical Mind

Q: I don’t find my thinking as before. Either something has gone into it or its activity does not seem as pleasant as before. I do […]

Dynamic peace and silence during meditation

Q: The peace and silence is there all the time during meditation. But what is its value unless it becomes dynamic? It has a great value […]
The Mother

On Silence and its presence

Q: Could the lower forces be easily managed by living in the silence? If the silence has strength in it — is not too neutral. Q: […]

Fixing one’s consciousness

Q: When I prepare myself inwardly to practise silence, I have noticed that I centre my consciousness by taking the help of the physical body. Then […]