Sadhana and the physical

Q: I have decided to give full rest to the body. May I now resume the sadhana without taxing the physical? There is no objection to […]

Mental Push in Sadhana

Q: Was it not a mistake on my part to associate aspiration with a mental push? What is the remedy for it now? I did not […]

Mental work and Sadhana

Q: Is it not possible to do the mental work and sadhana simultaneously as I do with the physical work? It is not so easy to […]

Sadhana and inner consciousness

Q: If my physician asks me to take a diet of rice, meat, fish, eggs etc. (as I used to eat these before) and to cut […]

Confusion, Self Doubt – How to Handle?

When you do not answer my questions about sadhana, my mind falls into confusion and doubt. It argues with itself. All this disputing disturbs my sadhana. […]

What do do when disturbed

Q: Today I cannot write to you anything more as I am in a disturbed state. At this rate the best thing would be not to […]

Separation from the vital and ego

Q: When my mind presses the vital and the ego for an inward turn, they start a revolt. That brings in all sorts of wrong forces. […]

Mental Development and Sadhana

Q: Do you suggest that people here should have some mental development if possible? Would it really help the sadhana? I don’t know if it helps […]

Reading as part of Sadhana

Q: One has to do some physical work as part of the Karma Yoga, also some personal work. Where is the time then to read for […]