Physical Siddhi

Q: Why does one rise and fall physically in meditation? It is not the physical but the vital body separating itself from the body. At one […]

Passing through different stages of meditation

Q: There are people who go into meditation suddenly. Some people are quite unaware of themselves in meditation; they become unconscious and go into a state […]
The Mother's Balcony Darhsna

Heaviness after meditation

Q: sometimes after meditation one feels a heaviness. What could that be? It may not be necessarily due to Tamas. The descent of the Force into […]

Reasonableness in spirituality

Q: Wasn’t Dr. Becharlal’s fear of illness merely a mental notion? How can one fall ill by sitting a long time in meditation? Not just by […]
The Mother

Suitable time for meditation

Q: Are day-hours better than night-hours for meditation? I seem to get more concentrated at night. That may be due to the calm and quiet atmosphere […]

Dynamic peace and silence during meditation

Q: The peace and silence is there all the time during meditation. But what is its value unless it becomes dynamic? It has a great value […]
Sri Aurobindo

Succeeding in Meditation

Q: How can one succeed in meditation? By quietude of mind. There is not only the Infinite in itself, but also an infinite sea of peace, […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Concentration with Eyes Open

I find it rather difficult to concentrate with my eyes open. How am I to cultivate this habit? It is so with everybody — unless they […]
Darshan Card Sri Aurobindo Front

Meditation or Reading?

One has to do some physical work as part of the Karma Yoga, also some personal work. Where is the time then to read for one’s […]