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Conversing with The Mother

In your book Bases of Yoga one reads, “It is with the Mother who is always with you and in you that you converse.” Will you […]
Total Purity

Total Purity

One is truly perfectly pure only when the whole being, in all its elements and all its movements, adheres fully, exclusively, to the divine Will. This […]


I tell you: if you look at yourself with sharp eyes, you will catch in yourself insincerities by the hundred, even though you are trying to […]
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

The Hour of God

There are moments when the Spirit moves among men and the breath of the Lord is abroad upon the waters of our being; there are others […]
Questions and Answers

Trust and go forward

In the hour of God cleanse thy soul of all self-deceit and hypocrisy and vain self-flattering that thou mayst look straight into thy spirit and hear […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Not knowing one’s fault

Not to know one’s fault is always the sign of an insincerity somewhere. And generally, it is hidden in the vital. When the vital consents to collaborate (which is […]