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Absence of Inner Touch

When I had experiences and realisations, why did I not feel the inner touch, since it is said that none can have experiences (which are the […]

The will of the mind and inner being

Q: You know that my mind and inner being at least are quite earnest to rid the being of the vital ego and vital demands. Can […]
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On an organised sleep

Q: The time spent in sleep seems to me lost. Is there no means of using it better? Is it lost? Everything in sadhana is not […]
Sri Aurobindo

The Inner Being

There is an inner being in man of which he is not usually conscious; he lives in a superficial consciousness which he calls himself and which […]

Achieving constant closeness with the Mother

There are always in a sadhak two sides of the nature, one that wants the Divine, the other that wants only its own way and will […]

Bhakti through self expression

Literature and art are or can be first introductions to the inner being – the inner mind and vital; for it is from there that they […]

The three layers of the being

The inner being which you feel in union with the Mother is the psychic being. …..the difference between the three layers of the being — (1) The inmost […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Going inside into the inner being

One has to go inside into the inner being and one can minimise contacts, if necessary, not as an absolute rule—provided there is a real living in the […]