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The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram


… the work of Mahasaraswati to move between the higher consciousness and the heart and through them establish the rule of the Truth in all details […]

On handling thoughts and sensations

Q: I succeed for a few minutes in keeping myself attentive, empty of thought — but then the sensations return with a new strength. I do […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Pranayama and the Higher Consciousness

Q: What part does Pranayama play in bringing down the Higher Consciousness? It sets the Pranic currents free and removes dullness of the brain so that the […]

The double foundation of Yoga

If you keep the wideness and calm as you are keeping it and also the love for the Mother in the heart, then all is safe […]
Letters on Yoga

Receptivity of the disciple

To such a disciple (Arjuna) the Teacher of the Gita gives his divine teaching. He seizes him at a moment of his psychological development by egoistic […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Changing humanity

The whole of humanity cannot be changed at once. What has to be done is to bring the Higher Consciousness down into the earth-consciousness and establish […]