Veil in the heart

Q: Is there a veil in the heart also? Yes, a veil or wall of the vital being with its surface consciousness and emotional disturbances. One […]

Confusion, Self Doubt – How to Handle?

When you do not answer my questions about sadhana, my mind falls into confusion and doubt. It argues with itself. All this disputing disturbs my sadhana. […]

Are consciousness and energy the same?

Q: During work , how is the consciousness to be kept within when the energy goes out? Are consciousness and energy really the same thing? If […]

Peace and Quietude inspite of pain

Q: The peace and quietude are normal and so are my aspirations in spite of the pain in the body. Probably it is because you put […]

On Sleep

Q: I fail to make out why my feet remain constantly fatigued even after sleep. Is not sleep a means to relax everything? I think you […]

The Force and restlessness

Q: Why does not the Force come down to help me in the work? I am getting restless. So long as you are in this restless […]

Fatigue in the vital being

Q: Can the vital being get fatigued?  Generally the vital being does not get fatigued, if you can draw the force from the universal vital or […]

Hand over all to The Divine

Turn your mind completely away from your difficulty, concentrate exclusively on the Light and the Force coming from above; let the Lord do for your body […]

Open to the Force

It is good that you reject the sense of illness and allow no depression. Let there be no apprehension in the physical consciousness; with faith make […]