Sri Aurobindo

Overcoming difficulties

Q: You have said, “It is a matter of the most external consciousness being sufficiently fortified so that there should be no disturbance even there.” Could […]
Sri Aurobindo

Our Goal of Supramental Realisation

Our object is the supramental realisation and we have to do whatever is necessary for that or towards that under the conditions of each stage. At […]

Applying ‘Equality’ in life

Equality is a very important part of this yoga; it is necessary to keep equality under pain and suffering — and that means to endure firmly […]
Sri Aurobindo


Equality means a quiet and unmoved mind and vital; it means not to be touched or disturbed by things that happen or things said or done […]

Gita’s way of Karmayoga

Equality, renunciation of all desire for the fruit of our works, action done as a sacrifice to the supreme Lord of our nature and of all […]

Receiving the Divine Power

To be able to receive the Divine Power and let it act through you in the things of the outward life, there are three necessary conditions: […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Accepting the Divine will with resignation

To be free from all preference and receive joyfully whatever comes from the Divine Will is not possible at first for any human being. What one […]

Inner Spiritual Progress

The inner spiritual progress does not depend on outer conditions so much as on the way we react to them from within – that has always been the […]

What Obscures the Presence

In Peace and Silence the Eternal manifests; allow nothing to disturb you and the Eternal will manifest; have perfect equality in face of all and the […]