Rejection of the ego

Q: Can the ego be thoroughly rejected? If it is not ever indulged in thought, speech or action, it will not return. That is the full […]

Ego, Error and Desire

Q: It is said that with the presence of ego one cannot have love, joy, happiness etc. in Yoga. But I had these experiences in the […]

Fighting the dark periods

Q: During these dark periods what do you suggest that I do? There are always two alternatives, either to remain calm and detached and aspire or […]

Advice to a disciple on quitting smoking

Q: I want to say something about smoking. I used to smoke. When I came here I stopped smoking. But when the Xs came slowly I […]

The true attitude

The true attitude is neither to be an ascetic nor to indulge in desire. The true attitude is to take in all simplicity what I give, […]

Necessities of a sadhak

The necessities of a sadhak should be as few as possible; for there are only a very few things that are real necessities in life. The […]

Development at all planes

To develop your intelligence read regularly and very attentively the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. To develop and master your vital, observe attentively your movements and reactions […]

The true initiation

It is the opening of the consciousness to the Mother from within that is the true initiation and that can only come by aspiration and rejection […]

Origin of Desire

Q: Where does desire come from? A: The Buddha said that it comes from ignorance. It is more or less that. It is something in the […]