Fighting the dark periods

Q: During these dark periods what do you suggest that I do? There are always two alternatives, either to remain calm and detached and aspire or […]

Advice to a disciple on quitting smoking

Q: I want to say something about smoking. I used to smoke. When I came here I stopped smoking. But when the Xs came slowly I […]

The true attitude

The true attitude is neither to be an ascetic nor to indulge in desire. The true attitude is to take in all simplicity what I give, […]

Necessities of a sadhak

The necessities of a sadhak should be as few as possible; for there are only a very few things that are real necessities in life. The […]

Development at all planes

To develop your intelligence read regularly and very attentively the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. To develop and master your vital, observe attentively your movements and reactions […]

The true initiation

It is the opening of the consciousness to the Mother from within that is the true initiation and that can only come by aspiration and rejection […]

Origin of Desire

Q: Where does desire come from? A: The Buddha said that it comes from ignorance. It is more or less that. It is something in the […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Changing one’s nature

To change the nature is not easy and always takes time, but if there is no inner experience, no gradual emergence of the other purer consciousness […]

The energies that act in the being

It is not possible to give a name to all the energies that act in the being. They are put into several classes. First are the […]