Five Inner Qualities Necessary for Sadhana

Sri Aurobindo has said that surrender is the first and absolute condition for doing the yoga. So … this is not just one of the necessary qualities: it is the first attitude indispensable for beginning the yoga, If one has not decided to make a total surrender, one cannot begin. But for this surrender to be total. all these qualities are necesary …

So here’s my proposal: we put surrender first, at the top of the list. .. To do the integral yoga one must first resolve to surrender entirely to the Divine, there is no other way, this is the way. But after that one must have the five psychological virtues, five psychological perfections, and we say that these perfections are:

Sincerity or Transparency

Faith or Trust (Trust in the Divine, naturally)

Devotion or Gratitude

Courage or Aspiration

Endurance or Perseverance.


Ref : Questions and Answers 1956