Understanding Dvine movements

Q: The difficulties in sadhana come because we lack a real self-giving and spontaneous love for the Divine Mother. For the integral Yoga especially, they are […]
Sri Aurobindo's Feet

Questions and surrendering

Q: What is the subtle meaning of our asking you questions about the Yoga and does it help to surrender? Questions are meant for getting light […]
Sri Aurobindo

Surrendering to the Divine – expectations

Q: When one learns to leave things to the Divine, isn ‘t He bound to answer all our real needs? The Divine is not bound to […]
The Mother with Children

The Mother’s interaction with Goddess Durga

I had a VERY interesting experience—it was last year or the year before, I don’t recall, but after I retired to my room upstairs ….You know […]
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Overcoming difficulties

Q: You have said, “It is a matter of the most external consciousness being sufficiently fortified so that there should be no disturbance even there.” Could […]

When to completely surrender to the Divine?

Q: Is not surrendering oneself to the Divine a process? Is not a complete self-giving achieved only when the sadhana is sufficiently developed? It is never […]
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Q: Shouldn’t a sadhak offer to the Mother not only his good experiences and knowledge but also the ordinary movements of ignorance? Otherwise how will his […]
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Right activity of the Buddhi

Q: What would be the right activity of the Buddhi when it opens or surrenders itself to the Mother? The right activity of the buddhi is […]

Tackling the recalcitrant parts of our nature

Q: How to persuade the recalcitrant parts of our nature to surrender? A: Try to make them understand, as one does with a child who does […]