On the psychic being

Q: What is the difference between the psychic being and the spiritual being? The spiritual being is God himself. The psychic being is the inner being […]
Sri Aurobindo

Why Inertia?

Why don’t the inertia, ego and desire decrease in spite of our sustained effort to change them?   It needs time, persistent will and effort and […]
Sri Aurobindo

On good health

Q: Suppose a man observes the laws of hygiene – will he not keep in good health? The laws of hygiene are more or less artificial […]

Drawing vital energy from the universe

Q: Is it possible for man to draw the vital energy from animals? My grandfather used to say that he got vital energy from the horse […]
Sri Aurobindo

Living without food

Q: Is it possible to live without food?  Yes, it is. When I did my fast of about 23 days, while living in Chettiar’s house, I […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in her room

Reading in Sadhana

Q: One has to do some physical work as part of the Karma Yoga, also some personal work. Where is the time then to read for […]

Energy and Consciousness during work

Q: During work, how is the consciousness to be kept within when the energy goes out? Are consciousness and energy really the same thing? If consciousness […]

On Sleep

Q: Is six hours of sleep at night enough? Seven would be better at your age. Six is the minimum, at any time except in old […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram


   Q) My present life has become so dull. Nothing interests me. It is as if there is no use continuing life like this. What are […]