Some Answers from The Mother


The Divine orchestrates all

When will you learn not to lose courage and confidence at the slightest setback, when things are not, by my own doing, exactly as you had planned? I […]


..recover your smile, regain your faith, become once more the confident child you were, do not brood over your faults and difficulties – it is your […]

Widening the consciousness

Widening the consciousness is necessary for all who want to live a free and intelligent life, even without there being any question of Yoga or aspiration […]

Absolute Truth

When we are in the presence of hostile forces, only the purity of an absolute truth can conquer them. Ref: Some Answers from The Mother   

Transparent Sincerity

Q) Once Mother spoke to me about total sincerity. What does transparent sincerity mean? A) Sincerity is compared to an atmosphere or a sheet of glass. […]

Rely on The Divine

Never forget that you are not alone. The Divine is with you helping and guiding you. He is the companion who never fails, the friend whose […]

Medical career – Priesthood

If we take the human body as a tabernacle of the Lord, then medical science becomes the ritual of worship and doctors the priests who officiate […]

The role of the soul

The soul is that which comes from the Divine without ever leaving Him, and returns to the Divine without ceasing to be manifest. The soul is […]


Q: Transformation demands a very high degree of aspiration, surrender and receptivity, doesn’t it? A: Transformation demands a total and integral consecration. But isn’t that the […]