Three messages from Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

…18th October … when the third & last message from Sri Ramakrishna was received. The first message was in Baroda, the “Arabindo, mandir karo, mandir karo”, & the parable of the snake Pravritti devouring herself. The second was given in Shankar Chetti’s house soon after the arrival in Pondicherry, & the words are lost, but it was a direction to form the higher being in the lower self coupled with a promise to speak once more when the sadhan was nearing its close. This is the third message (18 Oct 1912)

“Make complete sannyasa of Karma.
Make complete sannyasa of thought.
Make complete sannyasa of feeling.
This is my last utterance.”


Diary Entry of December 5, 1912

Ref: Record of Yoga