How to see and know things from within?

One must learn to distrust hasty conclusions from surface appearances — is not that the first condition of true knowledge? —and learn to see and know things from within.

You ask how to stem these movements? To begin with, observe three rules:

(1) Keep always confidence in the Mother’s care and love —trust in them and distrust every suggestion, every appearance that seems to contradict.

(2) Reject immediately every feeling, every impulse that makes you draw back from the Mother—such as that about the Pranam—from your true relation with her, from inner nearness, from a simple and straightforward confidence in her.

(3) Do not lay too much stress on outward signs—your observation of them may easily mislead you. Keep yourself open to her and feel with your heart—the inner heart, not the surface vital desire, but the heart of true emotion,—then you are more likely to find her and be always near her in your self and receive what constantly she is working to give you.

Ref: The Mother with Letters on The Mother