Inertia and the subconscient

Q: Today for the first time inertia invaded the body. That means the whole being is now affected by it. There seems to be some possibility […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Eliminating ego

Q: In spite of my vigilant eye how on earth could the ego get in? So long as you had fully the attitude of surrender, the […]

Fear and illness

What is the difficulty [in understanding how the subtle forces of illness attack the body using bacilli and viruses for their purpose]? You are like the […]

The Subconscient and Environmental Consciousness

They [the environmental consciousness and the subconscient] are two quite different things. What is stored in the subconscient —impressions, memories, rise up from there into the […]

The Subconscient

Has the subconscient accepted the Higher Consciousness?   If the subconscient were to accept the Consciousness, it would no longer be the subconscient, it would become […]

Process of Illness

They first weaken or break through the nervous envelope, the aura. If that is strong and whole, a thousand million germs will not be able to […]

Obstacles on the path of Progress

There are only three fundamental obstacles that can stand in the way: (1) Absence of faith or insufficient faith (2) Egoism – the mind clinging to […]

Eliminate the subconscious contradiction

A person may have certain qualities but not to perfection, and there is in the subconscient the very contradiction of these qualities. If one does not […]