Sri Aurobindo

Succeeding in Meditation

Q: How can one succeed in meditation? By quietude of mind. There is not only the Infinite in itself, but also an infinite sea of peace, […]

Peace without knowing

Q: Can one have peace without knowing it? That would be neutral peace, though it would be more than quietude. But there is a positive peace […]

Peace and Quietude inspite of pain

Q: The peace and quietude are normal and so are my aspirations in spite of the pain in the body. Probably it is because you put […]

Quietude for Callousness

There was nothing wrong in helping with the cooking. But if there were a wrong movement in that, it is not to be met by getting […]

Put the force and quietude in the body

Many people say, “Oh, yes, here I am not afraid.” They don’t have any fear in the mind, their mind is not afraid, it is strong, […]

The true quietude

The feeling of loneliness, udaaseenataa, dryness and lack of rasa come very usually when the vital part is disappointed in its desires or tries to give […]

Nothing can happen to you

In all cases, without exception, whatever may happen, calm and quietude and serene peace and an absolute faith in the divine Grace—if you have all this, […]
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Peace, Silence and Quietitude

Whatever has been done in the world has been done by the very few who can stand outside the action in silence; for it is they who are […]

The Mother is always with you

The Mother is always with you. Put your faith in her, remain quiet within and do with that quietude what has to be done. You will […]