Gita’s way of Karmayoga

Equality, renunciation of all desire for the fruit of our works, action done as a sacrifice to the supreme Lord of our nature and of all […]

On Suicide

Suicide solves nothing – it only brings one back to life with the same difficulties to be faced in worse conditions. If one wishes to escape […]

The Soulhood

The culmination of Karmayoga is a yet higher and deeper state that may perhaps be called “soulhood”,—for the soul is greater than the man; a free […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Cease to Dislike

It is not that you have to do what you dislike, but that you have to cease to dislike. To do only what you like is […]
Sri Aurobindo during his pre pondy days

The true basic consciousness of Karmayoga

What you received and kept in the work is indeed the true basic consciousness of Karmayoga – the calm consciousness from above supporting and the strength from above […]