Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Beauty is the Divine

Q: What is it in beauty that gives us delight? Beauty is the Divine himself in his Anandapower seeking to express himself in perfect form. That […]

Divine and Hostile forces

Q: Even the forces and their attacks are, perhaps, like the working of the left hand of God; it helps the Yogi to rise higher. With […]

The Superior Cause

Q: Some Sufis and Bhaktas take illness and other such things as coming from the Divine. They are right. They take everything as coming from the […]

What to do during an interruption in Sadhana

Q: Why does the sadhana seem to have been delayed so positively for two days? Anyway I keep up my faith and confidence in the Divine. […]

Consciousness of the Divine in the physical cells

Q: Is the consciousness of the Divine possible in even the physical cells? Yes, the cells can have peace and joy and other things. When they […]

Coming out from the subconscient root

Q: How are we to come out from the subconscient root? By standing back from it and refusing to be made its instrument of the subconscient […]
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

On Pain and Illness

Q: Some sadhaks hold the belief that an illness is a cherishable thing, that it comes from the Divine to test our faith: it makes us […]

Approaching the Divine – Work or Meditation?

Q: Did not the old Yogas always say that the approach to the Divine is more easy and direct through meditation than through work? They wanted […]
Sri Aurobindo

Surrendering to the Divine – expectations

Q: When one learns to leave things to the Divine, isn ‘t He bound to answer all our real needs? The Divine is not bound to […]