difficulties in work

Sri Aurobindo

Three ways to shorten difficulty

As for the offering of the actions to the Divine and the vital difficulty it raises, it is not possible to avoid the difficulty,—you have to […]

Anxiety only serves to strengthen the difficulty

It is much more difficult to stand back from the difficulty, to look at it as something which does not concern you, which does not interest […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Why Difficulties ?

The difficulty must have come from distrust and disobedience. For distrust and disobedience are like falsehood (they are themselves a falsity, based on false ideas and impulses), they […]
The Mother with Indira Gandhi

Do not dwell on self-defects

The difficulty you find results very much from your always worrying with your mind about things, thinking “This is wrong, that is wrong in me or my work” […]